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What are the benefits of home care?

Today, home care is preferred as an alternative to nursing home care. People who are elderly and need help with daily activities or are suffering from a certain illness and cannot move need a home caregiver. The advantage of this type of service is that the old man does not leave the house and benefits from all the comforts of home.

What is transitional care?

In-home care is often a necessity for those that are transitioning home after a hospital stay or procedure. Whether someone is moving from a rehabilitation facility or directly from a hospital, there are benefits to completing recovery at home with a professional, quality caregiver to assist.

Angelic PCA can provide a custom care plan for transitional care, including transportation home from a hospital or facility, and scheduled follow-up appointments and therapy sessions.

In addition to the physical challenges of healing after an illness or injury, patients can experience depression or anxiety when they aren’t able to participate in their normal routines and social activities. Our caregivers can provide transportation to community events, support physician-prescribed exercise regimens, provide companionship, and help families stay connected through technology.

What is companion care?

Companion, or companionship, care includes preparing meals, laundry, light housekeeping, grocery shopping and errands, transportation to appointments and social events, reminders for grooming, respite care, medication reminders, and education and communication with a client’s loved ones. At Angelic PCA, we also focus on activities that bring joy, provide mental stimulation and encourage physical and emotional wellbeing.

What level of care can Angelic PCA provide?

Depending on your needs, the Angelic PCA service can provide a wide range of care and home services. We come to your home, do an evaluation and make recommendations for a care plan. Sometimes you only need company for a few hours a day or help with shopping. Our services are very flexible and can adapt to any situation.

Angelic PCA offers a combination of services (see services page for details). We will take care of seniors, retirees, veterans, people who have undergone surgery and are recovering, or people who need company.

What happens if my caregiver does not meet the requirements?

No problem! As soon as possible, we will replace the caregiver with another person based on the service contract.

What is personal care?

Angelic PCA’s trained caregivers assist with personal care needs ranging from stand-by assistance to full care depending on each client’s individual needs. This can include bathing, mobility assistance, position changes for those clients that are bedbound, incontinence and toileting care, preparing and serving meals, specialized care for those with memory issues or cognitive impairments, fall risk assessment and prevention, change in condition monitoring, and assistance with outings, social events, shopping trips, and other activities of interest to maintain engagement both physically and emotionally. A personal care assistant can help with basic activities of daily living, or ADLs.

What are the working hours?

The offer of services is vast, depending on the needs and requirements of each one.

What is considered light housekeeping?

Light housekeeping includes tasks that provide seniors with tidy, clean, safe spaces in their homes. This can include disinfecting surfaces, cleaning counters and floors in the kitchen and bathroom, dusting, de-cluttering, vacuuming, taking out the trash, and other household tasks. Many seniors are capable and willing to maintain their own spaces, and our individualized care plans for clients are customized to consider the physical ability of the client and the level of assistance they need and want. Many of our clients enjoy the activity of cleaning their house and find that working side-by-side with a caregiver can help build their relationship.

Personal care you deserve in the comfort of your home!

We make life easier by providing care services to seniors and those in need of assistance.

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What People Say

Angelic PCA has been a great support to me for over a year in caring for my grandmother. For a year I had Mary, to whom my grandmother was very attached and whom I warmly recommend because she was involved in creating an increased state of comfort.
Anna P.
Las Vegas, NV
Thanks to Mrs. Alice and the team of professionals who work there, for the support provided in the difficult times we had in the family.
Congratulations and keep up the good work.
Donna G
Henderson, NV
Thank you very much for everything you do. Ever since I started using Angelic Personal Care Attendants I feel I can trust to leave my mother in someone else's care.
Thank you for this!
Christina L.
Summerlin, NV